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Polymer80 is happy to give the PF9SS™ 80% Subcompact single Stack body. Supplying compatibility with Glock® 43 Gen4 additives, the PF9SS™ frame comes with a competitive texture that emulates a stippled sample, a prolonged beavertail, a double undercut trigger shield, and a thumb ledge.





Firstly, Polymer80 is happy to give the PF9SS™ 80% Subcompact single Stack body. In addition, Supplying compatibility with Glock® 43 Gen4 additives, the PF9SS™ frame comes with a competitive texture that emulates a stippled sample, a prolonged beavertail, a double undercut trigger shield, and a thumb ledge. Also, p80 PF9SS PISTOL FRAME KIT is available at polymer80framekits

Furthermore, these features appreciably enhance the ergonomics bearing in mind a powerful grip and advanced drawback mitigation. In addition, the PF9SS™ is a super build for “regular carry” and springs with an embedded metallic plate for those that want to serialize their completed pistols.

PF9SS PISTOL FRAME KIT is available. However, let us see an overview of the product.

Product review:

  • More advantageous Ergonomics and capabilities
  • High-power strengthened Polymer construction
  • Aggressive and Adaptable Grip Texture
  • Picatinny/STANAG Compliant Accessory Rail
  • Blank Serialization Plate
  • Stainless steel Locking Block Rail machine (LBRS™)
  • Chrome steel Rear Rail Module (RRM™)
  • Hardened Pins for LBRS ™ and RRM™
  • Entire completing Jig and Drill Bits comes with it
  • Like-minded with Gen 4 Glock® G43 Slide Assemblies
  • Very compatible with Glock® G43 Magazines
  • It also comes in Black, with different colors arriving quickly.

To conclude, p80 PF9SS PISTOL FRAME KIT is for sale here at


  1. Mikko

    Lower prices especially in p80 spare parts and magazines than in any other shop.

  2. G.A.

    Great support, continuous improvement
    Since my last purchase, they implemented instant transfers for Hungary too which shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

    I’ve returned a kit, they sent a courier and refunded the item no questions asked.

    Also, the support is “humane”, you won’t talk to bots.

  3. Rafael Marques

    Very well shipped
    Amazing packaging by p80gunbuyer, I thought it would come inside a big bag, but it ended by coming to a bag inside another bag. Plus I thought it would be more secure during shipping if it came in a box, and they sent it inside a box. well done Gunfire team.

  4. Jerome Tournel

    Fast and good delivery.
    They answer questions within hours.

  5. Malte

    Good and quick delivery

  6. Gw

    Good kit for a good price

  7. Artis

    Thank you, p80gunbuyer team!
    Everything we ordered came in about 4 days to Latvia. On top of that the sales team was very responsive to some questions we asked to decide on what exactly to buy. So I can easily recommend them to others! Thank you, p80gunbuyer team!

  8. Cesar Serpa (Embassy of Portugal)

    Very good polymer80 shop and good quality items!!! And very fast delivery!!

  9. Drew Coop

    Great auction, hosted on a great site! Once the auction was complete, I received notification, then an invoice from the seller, with the options on how to pay, and how much each transaction cost. Also a notice that my transfer agents FFL was outdated, and clear instructions on how to update, or find new.
    I replied with all info and once my payment was received, the item shipped same day.
    “That was Easy”

  10. Alex

    Delivered 2 days earlier than stated with everything in order and perfect condition, will definitely be shopping here again.

  11. Juha

    Fast delivery and good product

  12. Remco Rusin

    TOP Service!
    I had an issue with an order I made, some of the accessories weren’t delivered, which seemed to be a producer issue. p80gunbuyer reviewed the problem and delivered the missing accessories with some extra’s that surprised me a lot.
    I can only say positive things about them, they ship fast around Europe, have great service and a big choice of products. I hope they will grow even bigger! Would recommend it to anyone!

  13. Zsolt

    Everything went well except for the payment because I could not pay with a credit card or Paypal, but I had to pay with Bitcoin. I think it is a little bit outdated and it draws more money. This is why I give just 4 stars.

  14. Damjan

    Everything went great with my order, even came in sooner than expected.

  15. Ernest King

    Just a small glitch

    Everything went just fine with the auction. It was my first go round and wasn’t sure of the payment process so I hit a glitch at that point. I tried reaching out to Customer Service but they took a few days to get back to me. I finally called the seller and got everything straightened out. It was actually a fun experience.

  16. Andrew

    Legit Gun Store
    The only thing to criticize from my perspective is that in the email I got from gunfire, the information on my invoice was false (the delivery address), but it seemed to be a spelling mistake because UPS delivered the package in time and where it was supposed to go.

    Nothing bad to say really, but to be fair my order wasn’t anything that might have caused problems.

  17. Martin Borgholt

    No problems. Easy shipping to Denmark.

  18. Csomag

    The purchase was good but the payment mode is the worst in the world. Why am I can’t use the credit card in this case? That’s will be easier than bank transferring and today is a basic service for online shopping. However, everything is alright without the payment.

  19. Szakmári

    Everything went well! Thx

  20. MRose Zacher

    First class customer service

  21. Helen Emberson

    Excellent customer service.

  22. Fatma Rostom

    Excellent customer service.

  23. A Hudson

    Very professional.

  24. Elizabeth Libert

    Great product and delivery was quick

  25. Ronald W.

    Well packaged. Highly recommended. A*****

  26. Pete taylor

    Quick, easy delivery and beautiful product.

  27. Rosanna Harris

    Good service with a few great items

  28. Ella Smith

    Good post-sales customer service

  29. Starlin Marot

    There was a reasonably long lead time but the customer service rep was proactive at keeping us up to date and ensuring a satisfactory resolution.

  30. Taylor C.

    They arrived in about 5 days and were very well packaged and so easy to put together you just had to put the glass in place.

  31. Dennis K.

    Great service and l was really pleased

  32. Ron G.

    looks like the picture on the website. I will most definitely be using this company again.

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